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Walk-In Panel, Door & Gasket Evaluations

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​​Carolina Cooler offers walk-in cooler panel and door maintenance programs. A detailed inspection of your walk-in cooler or freezer panel joints, floors and improperly closing doors caused by loose door hardware or torn gaskets.
The above can be cause for concern, panel joint separation, seal leaks, torn door gaskets, or damaged floor panels can lead to safety issues, along with moisture and /or ice forming on floors, it could also result unsafe holding temperatures, product spoilage, costly energy losses and excessive refigeration run times.

Walk-In coolers and freezers are constructed with prefabricated modular panels. These insulated panels have tongue-and-groove edges, with steel offset cam fasteners and flexible vinyl gaskets to assure vapor-tight panel joints.
Our refrigeration technicians use state of the art thermal imaging cameras to analyze walk-in panel joints, seals and gaskets to identify leakage that may promote moisture and the growth of mold or harmful bacteria.​​

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