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Custom-Built Walk-In Coolers

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  2. Replacement Walk-In Cooler & Freezer Doors
    Replacement Walk-In Cooler & Freezer Doors
Custom-built Carroll Coolers are an industry standard when it comes to both wood-framed and high-density "hard rail" construction. Walk-ins are fabricated with modular design and construction. 

​Wood-framed and high-density rail panels use polyurethane, foamed-in-place insulation allowing the design and construction of almost any configuration-length, width and height and future enlargement by the simple addition of panels.

Panel Construction

Walk-in cooler panels consist of interior and exterior metal clad surface precisely formed with steel dies and roll form equipment and thoroughly checked for uniformity and accuracy. The insulation is “foamed- in-place” polyurethane, and when completely heat cured is bonded to the metal skins and forms a rigid 4” or 5 1/2” thick polyurethane insulated panel. All panels have wood perimeters that provide structural strength and rigidity.

Panels have tongue and groove edges on adjoining sides of every panel. A flexible vinyl gasket extends around the interior and exterior perimeter of each tongue edge. Gaskets are resistant to damage from oil, grease, water, detergents and sunlight, and
are NSF Listed and flame retardant.

Cam Locks

Cam-action locking devices are precisely positioned in the panels to insure a positive joint. The locking devices consist of cam-action rotating locking arms in the tongue edge.

The locking arms engage a steel rod which is firmly anchored in the groove edge. This action draws all joints tightly together for excellent strength and a tight seal. The hex wrench holes are covered with a plastic plug button upon completion of the installation.


Insulation is “foamed-in-place” polyurethane. Our panels exceed all minimum requirements of the Department of Energy for K-Factor and R-Valves. Insulation has a 98% closed-cell structure and average in-place density of 2.0 - 2.2 lbs. per cubic foot.

Walk-In Doors

Standard door (34”x78”) is an overlap design unless otherwise specified. All doors 42” in width or less are designed to be self-closing using a brushed chrome positive seal latch with keyed cylinder lock and strike plate. The door and frame are of similar construction and finish as the wall panels.

The standard door frame consists of a wood perimeter onto which the interior and exterior metal skins are secured, creating a thermal break between metal facings. Doors seal to the frame by means of a magnetic gasket.

Each freezer door has anti-condensate heater wires concealed behind the exterior skin, and a second wire in the door frame. The heater wires are accessible should a need for service arise. Applications of over 32 degrees Fahrenheit do not require a heated door or frame. A digital thermometer is provided for the opening side of the frame. The thermometer is accurate to plus/ minus 1-degree Fahrenheit and is NSF Certified.

Floor Construction

When a floor is required, the floor panels are 4 5/8” thick with 4” of insulation. The floors are designed and manufactured to support uniformly distributed loads up to 800 pounds per square foot.
Panel construction and finishes to meet all of your design needs
NSF, UL Certified

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