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True Refrigeration genuine, high-quality OEM gaskets

We offer a wide range of genuine OEM replacement cooler & freezer gaskets that are produced from high-quality material and can be easily installed. Using OEM gaskets insures a proper air-tight fit that promotes longer-lasting doors and refrigeration equipment.
Commercial Refrigerator & Freezer Gaskets

SCDHEC Compliance

True Original OEM cooler gaskets are an important part of maintaining scdhec compliance. Without regular replacement, ill-fitting can lead to air leakage for both coolers and freezers, which can compromise food safety and overall cabinet performance.
Why Genuine True OEM Factory Gaskets

True Original OEM parts - a replacement part from the original equipment manufacturer—means you are getting the part designed for your unit. This means the gasket is guaranteed to fit your unit and will be of the highest quality. This assures you that your food will stay fresh, and the cold air stays in the unit.

True True Original OEM Gaskets

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