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Preventative Maintenance

Refrigeration units are an essential part of your business operation. A preventative maintenance program can prolong the life of your ​​​equipment, minimize untimely breakdowns, correct safety issues, optimize performance and reduce operating costs.

​Failure to properly maintain your equipment will almost always lead to costly repairs and loss of product.

Extended Life – One of the first reasons to keep up with commercial refrigeration maintenance is because it can increase the life of your equipment, making it a better return on your investment. Rather than having to replace your units every few years due to abuse, lack of care, poor maintenance causing excessive wear and tear.

Proactive Approach – You can reduce equipment failure with a proactive approach of catching small issues early on, rather than when it becomes a catastrophe failure or outage.

Discounted Rates – We provide service plans that make keeping up with commercial refrigeration maintenance easier than ever. We’ll design a plan based on quanity of units, your maintennace budget, and your expected maintenance requirements, so you feel confident your equipment will continue to work well for the expected life of your equipment.

Voided Warranty - ​Most leading manufactures require that preventative maintenance to be preformed on a regular basis as a condition of their warranty statement and failure to do so may void your equipment warranty.(See owner manual or notice on rear of equipment). 

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance on your commercial refrigeration equipment by one of our EPA-certified technicians, can reduce annual operting cost, reduces product spoilage or loss, increases the life of your equipment and keep you SCDHEC compliant with required holding temperatures.