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A quality assurance program for your commercial ice machines and dispensers is key to eliminating bacterial growth and scale deposits, keeping a clean ice machine and dispenser, ensures your equipment is safe for your customers.
Quarterly and semi-annual ice machine cleaning and sanitizing programs:
• Cleaning and sanitizing ice machines every 6 months

• Replace water filters every 90 days

Quality assurance programs for your commercial ice machines reduces health concerns and extends the life of ice machines. Most manufacturers recommend that cleaning & sanitizing sahould take place every 4 to 6 months.

Cleaning & Sanitizing service includes the following process:
- Empty Ice                                 - De-scale Ice Machine
- Flush Water System                 - Change Water Filter
- Clean Ice Machine                   - Sanitize Ice Machine

- Clean Condensor Coil /Air Filter
- Operational Check - Refrigeration Cycles


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