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Shipping & Delivery Options

When ordering or purchasing refrigeration equipment, location, unloading and equipment placement upon arrival should be a concerning factor.

If your equipment delivery is not planned, added expence could be avoided with a plan that meets your location and operational time schedule.

 Most food service equipment dealers and online suppliers ship by common carrier, so you could have a 53' tractor trailer arrive with little or no notice that may require immediate manpower to unload. ​

The common carrier drivers may not help you unload equipment or wait for you to put a plan together if you are not prepared to accept delivery and have manpower.

The average packaged weight for a small to medium walk-in coolers or freezers could have a palette weight ranging anywhere from 1200 lbs. -2600 lbs.

We provide our customers best delivery options to assure equipment arrives undamaged and delivery is scheduled to meet your location. (Best time for unloading equipment, placement of equipment and other special requirements).

Local equipment delivery options:

Ships direct to our warehouse, truck transfer or dock pick up from common carrier.

Scheduled local lift-gate delivery for your location.

If needed, our on site fork-lift option for heavy unloading or extended distance from loading zones.

Equipment lifts are provided for low level equipment placement.

Scheduled roof top delivery 2 stories and above - Crane Service required.
(Additional charges apply)