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Anchoring & Tie-Down Systems

 Walk-In coolers and freezers within coastal beaches and flood zones or flood-prone areas of South Carolina and Georgia may require anchoring and tie down system to be installed. Outdoor walk-in coolers and freezers in these zones must be adequately anchored to prevent flotation, collapse, or lateral movement.

Anchor Options

Concrete Anchor w/Threaded Rods

This anchor is designed to be inserted through a 3/4” hole drilled or formed into an existing concrete slab.
J Rod Concrete Anchor

The J Rod Concrete Anchor is designed to be installed into a concrete slab at the time the concrete is being poured.

Double Head Concrete Slab Anchor with Expansion Bolt
This anchor is designed to be bolted to an expansion sleeve in an existing concrete slab.
Deep Set Earth Anchor/Stabilizer

Combines the earth anchor and stabilizer plate into one installation step. Large stabilizing disc 7” x 1-5/8” sets faster in hard ground with 4 digging points. 
Tie Down Marked & Certified Galvanized Strapping

1-1/4” X .035” or larger steel strapping conforming to ASTM D3953-97, standard specifications for strapping, flat steel and seals. Type 1, Grade 1, Finish B, with a minimum total capacity of 4,725 lbs. and a working capacity of 3,150 lbs.\

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